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Dental implants

  • Integrated bone implants: — are surgically implanted directly into the maxillary bone. The period of osseointegration (integration into the bone) takes an average of 4 to 6 months depending on the region to receive the implant. After this period, a second surgery is needed to connect the implant to the oral environment, at this stage the dental surgeon removes the gum that is covering the implant and finally, an artificial tooth (or teeth) is connected to the implant, individually, or grouped in a prosthesis that can be of two types:

  • Prosthesis Protocol: — Total implant-supported and implant-retained prosthesis, fixed on 4 to 8 implants on average, this type of prosthesis is screwed and removed only by your dentist, it is a prosthesis that provides good aesthetics and is a great option for those who want to escape dentures , the only drawback is that this type of prosthesis is more difficult to be sanitized because all teeth are connected to each other, requiring a lot of patient care. Can be made of resin or porcelain.

  • Overdenture Prosthesis: — Total removable prosthesis over implant, this type of prosthesis is cheaper than the protocol prosthesis because it requires fewer implants (2 to 6 on average) and is made of resin. This prosthesis is like a denture, however, it has a fitting on a bar that connects the implants to the prosthesis, giving it more stability and retention. This prosthesis can be removed by the patient and therefore its cleaning is facilitated.

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