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SOS Dentists 24 hours works with a specialized team seven days a week, including weekends, holidays, year-end parties and all other dates.
We have three units:
Praça da Árvore Unit: Avenida Jabaquara 830. Subway Praça da Árvore. Jardim Paulista Unit: Rua Pamplona 1348. Subway Trianon Masp. Tatuapé Unit: Rua Serra de Bragança 581. Tatuapé Subway. Reference in 24-hour treatments and emergencies in the city of São Paulo, with over 12 years working with these services.
We serve on a first-come, first-served basis or by appointment 24 hours a day . Through dental insurance, we only provide urgent and emergency care.  
All SOS Dentistas 24 Horas units have a world-class structure, convenient and easily accessible parking lots, close to subway stations and bus stops.
Dentists 24 Horas is at SOS Dentists 24 Horas , in addition to all emergency procedures, we perform all types of dental treatments.
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SOS Dentists 24 hours

Founded in 2012 with a new concept in 24-hour treatments and emergencies in the city of São Paulo.


We know that in  São Paulo schedules have to be different. Therefore, we innovated this new concept. In addition to 24-hour emergencies, we also perform all treatments at different times seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. 


South Zone 24h

AV. Jabaquara, 830 - Praça da Árvore Subway  

  011 2613-5402
   011 5078-6698

24h center

Rua Pamplona, 1348 - Jd. paulista  

  011 2306-7787
  011 2306-7785

East Zone 24h

  Rua Serra de Bragança, 581 - Tatuapé

  011 2227-0981
  011 2251-6361


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