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Dental Specialties

Emergências 24 horas

24 hour emergencies

We perform all types of 24 Hour Dental Emergency. 24-hour assistance seven days a week.

Implante Dentário
Dental implants

Dental implant treatments with 100 percent digital planning. Experts with the highest degree of commitment.


We perform your root canal treatment using state-of-the-art technology. The vast majority of these treatments are performed in a single section, 

Harmonização Facial
Facial matching

Facial matching is a set of aesthetic procedures combined to improve facial harmony, 

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Orthodontics / Aligners

The devices can be silver, colored,  transparent or even invisible .

Lente de contato dental
Contact lenses

Dental contact lenses are thin porcelain sheets that are cemented to the teeth. are indicated  

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