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dental contact lens


Contact lens

Dental contact lenses are thin porcelain sheets that are cemented to the teeth. They are indicated for patients who have some type of change in shape, color, size and/or dental alignment that may aesthetically upset the harmony of the smile. They can be placed on one or several teeth.

Dental contact lenses can be indicated for use by many patients, for minor esthetic corrections, shape, color, size and/or minor dental alignment.

The treatment starts with a thorough study and planning of the case. The patient performs previous radiographic exams, initial photographs of the face, smile, teeth, molding and/or intraoral scans to make models where the initial projects will be made.

There is wear and tear, but it is minimal.
After the patient and dentist reach a consensus on the color, shape and position of the lenses, it is necessary to prepare the original teeth to receive them.
For this, “the surface of the tooth receives small changes through wear.

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